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Contract Negotiation

Current outlook in the market: Telecom contracts are confusing. Even seasoned procurement
professionals do not understand all of the terminology, pricing schedules, tariffs and
service guides. Comparison across different telecom providers are difficult.
Moreover, revised contracts may create misleading information due to complex pricing structure.

Solution: Experienced telecom expense consultants from Optimax can negotiate contracts
with Telco on your behalf and get you the best contract.
Optimax aim to value add to your existing contract and we may be able to help you get the following,
but not limiting to:

  • Better monthly recurring rates
  • Technology fund
  • Waiver fund
  • Free smartphones
  • Fair terms and conditions

Telecom Expense Management

Engage us and we help you find these errors.

It was reported that telecommunications and related network service costs have escalated to the point that they are a top line-item expense and now represent 3.6% of their revenue. Furthermore, the report goes on to state that enterprises forfeit 12% to 18% of telecom expenditures if they “do not have a proactive approach to cost management that leverages technology and process improvements through business process outsourcing…” More than 50% of all companies surveyed have less than 50% of their telecom cost centralized and nearly 60% indicated that their greatest challenge was a lack of visibility into what they were spending and why. All pointed to the benefits of gaining increased visibility into spending.

It estimated that billing errors could represent as much as 14% of telecom spend. And, a recent internal survey of telecom consulting firms reported that billing errors were discovered in a whopping 81% of their client base – and in multiple cases these errors exceeded 20% of invoice. Yet 85% of a typical enterprise’s telecom bills are not audited internally – they are simply paid in full. And for bills that are validated, audits are only conducted on a subset of invoices associated with the largest spend areas.

Recovering billing errors follows the pareto principle 80/20 rule. Finding errors requires 20% of the effort – the other 80% is spent documenting the case, convincing the carrier of responsibility, and in addition, organizations with decentralized procurement processes or those that have grown by merger and acquisition will have a greater likelihood of significant billing errors. They cannot be ignored and their impact on the bottom line cannot be overemphasized. They are difficult to identify and require a significant amount of time and level of expertise that is best handled by an expert.

Engage us and we help you find these errors.

Monthly Reports

  • Above reports do not come easily to the fingertips to stakeholders.
  • Access of reports provides help with key business decision making.
  • When financial assessment is in process, telecom reports will be easily accessible.
  • Business intelligence is made easier.

Telecom bills are difficult to analyse due to the huge amount of information. Let us help you examine them and give you meaningful monthly reports. You will be given the power to better manage your costs at a glance.

RFP advisory

RFPs typically require a few business units to come together to discuss the details of the requirement. They usually include departments such as Purchasing, Information Technology, Human Resource, and Contracts Handling.

We have helped many companies kick start their RFP, draft out their requirements, gather stakeholders, manage post-RFP and ensure requirements from RFP are provisioned.